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Miami-Dade Traffic Control System




The traffic control system that is owned and operated by Miami-Dade county.



Miami-Dade Co PWD


Traffic Management

Archived Data User Systems

Other TM


Interfaces to:

AA Arena Event Scheduling System  
Control Burn Permitting Database
County Emergency Operations Centers  
Draw Bridge Operational Status System
Draw Bridge Operations Schedules
Equipment Management and Inventory System
FDOT Overdimension Permit System
Florida DEP Air Quality Management System
Local Fire Dispatch  
Local Police Dispatch  
Local Venue Event Scheduling System  
Miami Arena Event Scheduling System  
Miami-Dade Fire and Rescue Dispatch  
Miami-Dade PWD Maintenance  
Miami-Dade Traffic Control Equipment  
Municipality Event Permit Systems  
National Hurricane Center Info. System  
National Weather Service  
Newspapers, Radio, Television Stations  
Offstreet Parking System  
Other Southeast Florida Traffic Management Centers  
Other Traffic Management Centers
Pro Player Event Schedule System  
Regional Evacuation Routes Database
Sensitive Materials Carriers Information Provider

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